Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Iced Chiffon by Duffy Brown

What's a girl to do when she is down and out?

Reagon Summerside's ex-husband has left her. She's selling her furniture and clothes just to grab a few dollars to pay her bills. With the ex rubbing her nose in the "Cupcake" he's now got on his arm, making nice isn't an option..he hasn't signed off on the house that she loves. His high priced attorney has taken everything else. While Reagon is delivering a fountain she's sold from her own yard, her Auntie discovers the "Cupcake" in the trunk of her ex-husbands Lexus! Hollis (the ex) is arrested for the murder and threatening to sell her house to get himself out of jail. AND this is the start of the very fun and often crazy hunt for the killer. If she can find the killer before her ex-husband's pricey lawyer can, she won't have to sell her house.

This book was a lot of fun to read! Her Auntie KiKi was a real hoot as she gets to be the "Watson" to Reagon's Sherlock. Everyone should have someone like KiKi in their life. The person to bring food and a listening ear. Also a diversion while you need to get into OR out of sticky situations. The play between Reagon and the attorney, Boone, has the makings of a romance, or something, that hopefully will continue in future books.I couldn't help but laugh during this book. While the hunt goes on, Reagon's friends help her sell her things and open a high end Consignment shop in her house. So hopefully it is the basis for more stories by Duffy Brown. I thought this was a great mystery to read!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Good Woman by Jane Porter

Is it possible to leave it all behind? 

Meg Brennan Roberts has an "awakening" on an overseas business trip. Her life always has been satisfying with her husband and children, her siblings and her parents,and great career for an up and coming winery.  But the trip opens her eyes to a different life...one with a man who wants her with a passion that has been lacking in her marriage.

This book was so full of emotions. I was in tears while reading about the return of Meg's mom's cancer. In anger at her sister Brianna's taunting. I cheered for sister Kit to get the backbone to want more from life. Uncomfortable with some of the choices that Meg makes. In love with the winery's owners. 

Jane Porter made me feel like I knew these people. It had me thinking about this story while I wasn't reading it.Wondering "what if".

I liked Meg. I liked all of the sisters. Well except for Brianna :)  . But I am an "oldest" sister- like Meg-.

I have felt a great responsibility for doing the right thing and watching out for her siblings. Trying to be the perfect person...and like Meg I have failed. Life goes on. I liked how this book wound its way through the lives of all of the family.

I really enjoyed this story! I'm looking forward to the next books in this series to see how the Brennan clan is doing. The next one is The Good Daughter and is due out in February.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Run the Risk by Lori Foster

Hi everyone...today is TUESDAY..so here is my review for today..
Run The Risk
by Lori Foster
Logan Stark makes Pepper Yates uncomfortable with his easy smiles and long stares. His mere presences makes her uncomfortable and not in a bad way either. He makes her want things she really shouldn't have...HIM. 
She is not as she seems. She  has been disguised as plain and mild Sue Meeks.
 Logan Stark is really Logan Riske, an undercover detective looking for Pepper's brother Rowdy Yates (the name reminds me of the very young Clint Eastwood in the TV western series RawHide)...which I saw in reruns...I'm not THAT old! :) 
Both brother and sister have been in hiding with information about Logan's best friend's murder. The only way Logan can get to Rowdy is through Pepper. That is why he is in the apartment next to hers. He doesn't know that Pepper isn't as mild as she appears.
Pepper/Sue makes Logan hot and the heat kicks up even more when the "real" Pepper comes out of hiding to help her brother.
I loved how Pepper sheds her old disguise in order to help Rowdy...willing to take on the danger to protect the only person who has ever had her back, and to rub it in Logan's face that he used her to get to Rowdy.
I knew this book would be filled with strong men who protect their women..even if their women are strong and  independent. It didn't disappoint!
 I have looked forward to this book since I closed the cover on Lori's last one. This story is the first one in Lori's new Love Undercover series. I now am eagerly awaiting the next book which is Reese's story and hopefully after that will be Rowdy's story. I'm sure I will enjoy each one as much as I did this one.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I am thoroughly honored to have my very first book review for Moonlight,Lace,and Mayhem be
                                    ICE COLD by the Amazing CHERRY ADAIR.
Ice Cold is the next chapter in the T-FLAC series and it is Awesome.
Computer expert/T-Flac Agent Honey Winston arrives at her boss's house to take him to the airport for his next mission only to find him dead with a KBAR knife, that she had given him for his birthday, sticking out of his chest. Before she can begin to process this, she is attacked and in hand to hand combat with an unknown assailant. Until the lights are turned on and she finds herself face to face with fellow agent, Rafael Navarro,the "Spanish Stallion". He is the bomb disposal expert who is needed to investigate the bombings of several banks around the world. The Ice Princess and the Spanish Stallion team up to dig through what little information they can find to catch the ones responsible. A journey that not only brings answers but an attraction that is hard to fight, and one that is anything but ICE COLD.
     I LOVEd this book! It held me in it's grasp from the first paragraph. It was that good!! Action from page One! Bombings, shootings, running, chasing, fighting. Surprises in the most unexpected places. It had me sitting on the edge of my seat rooting for the good guys!  The chemistry between Honey and Rafe was sigh worthy. Soft touches, mind numbing kisses and hot sex.
 I wish I could be sitting by my friends while they read this book...Cherry Adair has a way of making us all a part of the action!
All that manly muscle of T-FLAC has been missed. I'm glad that it's back to save the world..or at least to save me from a boring Sunday afternoon! Which it did very nicely!!  ICE COLD is self published and will be available on Amazon on October 15th. It is soo worth it!