Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Heatseeker by Lucy Monroe

 Somewhere in the mountains of Morocco, Rachel Gannon is hanging on to her cover,and her life, by a thread.

Rachel is an agent for The Goddard Project (TGP). She's on assignment when she is captured somewhere that she isn't supposed to be....and being tortured and she has to hold on to her cover to keep her innocent informer safe. She can't let Jamila down..the way she feels she did her sister.

Kadin Marks can hear Rachel screaming his name as he gets closer to her. He and his team are there to extract her from the bad guys ..coming in to save her life..ten years after he walked away and broke her heart.
Kadin left because he had become a sniper during his time in the military. Thinking that Rachel couldn't love the man he had become. Now he has to show Rachel that she isn't as alone as she thinks! 

This book was such a deep story of painful pasts and perceptions.
 The opening scene where Rachel is hooked up to a car battery and in between the jolts of electricity her thoughts of killing herself gave me chills.
Then Kadin and his team carry her to safety and the way they plan to save Jamila from the monster that she is supposed to marry.

I liked the side story of Neil and Wyatt. How they loved each other, but the deep hurt of rejection Neil felt when Wyatt tried to please his family by becoming someone that he wasn't. Denying his love of Neil by getting engaged to a woman to hide the fact that he is gay. The feelings that they both had..and have.
Very nicely written!

It was great to read this chapter in The Goddard Project series!! 

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