Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How I Spent My Spring Break....

Hi Everyone...miss me?? LOL 
I have been MIA from here dealing with life... housework,husband,kids,and work...too much to include reading much. 
I spent my spring break this year with Cherry Adair's characters in her latest book, RELENTLESS.
 An Ancient Legacy
Lately, the gods are not smiling on Isis Magee. How else can she explain the bizarre events that have led her on a relentless high-stakes chase from Seattle to London to Cairo in search of the elusive tomb of history’s beautiful and enigmatic queen Cleopatra?
A Hidden Treasure
Isis has only two leads: a fragmented trail of clues offered in rare moments of lucidity by her father, a once-respected archaeologist whose last dig ended in disaster, and the unique sixth sense of sexy Lodestone agent Connor Thorne.
The Passion of a Lifetime
Connor also encountered tragedy in the Egyptian desert not long ago, and as Isis pulls him deeper into her mission to restore her father’s reputation, he is secretly plotting a revenge of his own. Propelled across wild, untamed sands by vicious unknown forces, the duo is seduced into a labyrinth of secret chambers. When they fear they can go no further, they surrender to their incendiary desires and discover that the prize each separately seeks may be waiting at the end of the same dangerous road.
(back of the book blurb)
This was a great way to spend my break... it has all of the romance, " running, jumping,hot monkey sex" that is in all of Cherry's books!  I could hear the swish of the hot desert sand and feel the adrenaline rush as Isis and Connor were being chase into and around the city. Suspense and excitement!!
A friend (Hi Mandi)  and I were lucky enough to visit with Cherry yesterday before she jetted away to RT. It was well worth the trip..Cherry Adair is one of the most sweetest people in the world! We got our copies of Relentless signed and just talking to her makes you feel special! If you ever get the chance to meet her (she'll be at RT this week) go and say HI...and that I sent ya!  ;-)