Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dip & Devour by Mary Kate Kopec

Back Blurb:
      He knows better....
Hard working, crime busting,undercover FBI guy Jake Davidson has been burnt by love before. No way is he falling for a suspect, again! No matter how much Wham! she has.
       She's learned her lesson...
Over achieving, exhibit blazing, museum curator Kia Everet has played the love game and paid the price. No way is she falling for a co-worker's charms, again! No matter how delectably sexy he is.
        But chocolate covered temptation can be rough to resist...
If only Jake would stop fondling her hair, feeding her chocolate, devouring her with his Caribbean blue eyes, and leaving her stunned speechless with kisses that knock her summer sandals right off! If only Kia didn't keep hitting him with the firecracker wit, shoulder-baring nibble tempting sundresses, and legs that just won't stop. They've got it bad for each other, and they're ready to give in.  If only it weren't for a missing locket.
Jake's a chocolate charmer, and Kia's decadence in a sundress. Too bad she doesn't date the help, and worse that he's here to catch her in the act. But it won't be easy denying all that heat, chemistry, and desire. The food's too good. The timing's just right. and with a little loving push from a grandmother who's a miracle in the kitchen....          LOVE NEVER TASTED SO GOOD!
This book is chocolate covered mind candy. Sweet, mood altering goodness. A first person story from both points of view. Every other chapter is either Kia's side or Jake's side. A very interesting way to see how both perspectives are seen!  This story has both the highs and the lows...it had me smiling and tearing up!  When Kia is arrested and Jake is the one putting the handcuffs on her I felt so bad for Kia. Her world was crashing down around her and Jake wasn't doing much better. Caught in the middle between the feelings he had for Kia and doing what his boss was telling him to do. No amount of chocolate could help either one of them. Both of their hearts broken.
This was a YUMMY book and a really good romance!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Heatseeker by Lucy Monroe

 Somewhere in the mountains of Morocco, Rachel Gannon is hanging on to her cover,and her life, by a thread.

Rachel is an agent for The Goddard Project (TGP). She's on assignment when she is captured somewhere that she isn't supposed to be....and being tortured and she has to hold on to her cover to keep her innocent informer safe. She can't let Jamila down..the way she feels she did her sister.

Kadin Marks can hear Rachel screaming his name as he gets closer to her. He and his team are there to extract her from the bad guys ..coming in to save her life..ten years after he walked away and broke her heart.
Kadin left because he had become a sniper during his time in the military. Thinking that Rachel couldn't love the man he had become. Now he has to show Rachel that she isn't as alone as she thinks! 

This book was such a deep story of painful pasts and perceptions.
 The opening scene where Rachel is hooked up to a car battery and in between the jolts of electricity her thoughts of killing herself gave me chills.
Then Kadin and his team carry her to safety and the way they plan to save Jamila from the monster that she is supposed to marry.

I liked the side story of Neil and Wyatt. How they loved each other, but the deep hurt of rejection Neil felt when Wyatt tried to please his family by becoming someone that he wasn't. Denying his love of Neil by getting engaged to a woman to hide the fact that he is gay. The feelings that they both had..and have.
Very nicely written!

It was great to read this chapter in The Goddard Project series!! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Secrets, Lies & Lullabies by Heidi Betts

I'm going to start by saying that I love Heidi Betts's books. Doesn't matter if its a Chicks with Sticks, a vampire Christmas story or a Harlequin Desire. This is her latest release, Secrets, Lies & Lullabies.
Jessica Taylor's life isn't what it used to be. Her family used to be a big name in making jewelry along with the Bajorans, but that has changed. The Bajorans pushed the Taylors out and now Jessica and her family do not live in the lap of luxury. Jessica is now a maid at a hotel. She's alright with that...until she finds herself alone with the head of Bajoran Designs..Handsome Alexander Bajoran. After mentioning the run in to her cousin, she is pushed into "helping" the  family by doing a little snooping...a little snooping couldn't hurt, could it? 
Alexander Bajoran doesn't realize that there is some bad blood between the sexy maid and his family. All he knows is that he is strongly attracted to this woman with the blue streak in her hair and ears full of earrings.  A dinner together in his room leads to a night of unforgettable passion! The morning light brings an empty side of the bed and very fond memories for him.
Until one year later when he finds himself with a bouncing baby with a note claiming he is the little tykes Daddy.
This book was just a joy to read. I love how Jessica has adapted to her life until she can't do it alone anymore.Not your typical Harlequin heroine..not many of them have the blue streak in her hair and multiple earrings...she was very much real. I also found Alex a charming hero to this story. He doesn't condemn Jessica. He's accepting of what is happening without flying off the handle. A man who looks into problems for solutions..not for blame. He has found a real gem and knows it. I love that!!

Secrets,Lies& Lullabies is a quick read and just what I was in the mood for. Get busy writing Heidi because I'm waiting to read them!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lord of Devil Isle by Connie Mason

This story begins in 1775 Bermuda, formerly known as Devil Isle.

The Lord of Devil Isle is also known as Nicholas Scott, captain of the Susan Bell sailing ship. He is having his wicked way with his Mistress of the moment, until news of a shipwreck off the coast of Devil Isle. The Mistress can wait..the plundering of the wreck can't! That's the plan anyway until he sees three women struggling to stay afloat with a shark circling. He jumps in and ends up with the three Ladies under is roof and under his protection.

Eve Upshall needs to keep her secrets and get to the Americas. She, and the other two women were "rescued" from their former lives and are being transported to America to be married to three respectable men in the Americas. Eve sees it as an opportunity not to be married but to find her long lost uncle. Hoping that he will protect her.

But Captain Nick won't allow the women to leave..They will be able to find respectable men right there on the island to marry...but not Eve. He wants Eve at his beck and call. But she won't be his mistress..no matter how far she falls under his spell...and into his bed.

I'm not always a big fan of historical romance but this one was a really good one. Nick was such a good guy who didn't think that he deserved to love or to be loved, but he couldn't stop the need with Eve.

Eve had secrets that she's afraid will come out and will ruin her..but she can's stop herself from falling in love with Nick. The chemistry was so good between the two of them. The secrets that they each have are so crippling to themselves but watching as they overcome them was really great. It left me happy to witness the "happily ever after" of the story!