Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lord of Devil Isle by Connie Mason

This story begins in 1775 Bermuda, formerly known as Devil Isle.

The Lord of Devil Isle is also known as Nicholas Scott, captain of the Susan Bell sailing ship. He is having his wicked way with his Mistress of the moment, until news of a shipwreck off the coast of Devil Isle. The Mistress can wait..the plundering of the wreck can't! That's the plan anyway until he sees three women struggling to stay afloat with a shark circling. He jumps in and ends up with the three Ladies under is roof and under his protection.

Eve Upshall needs to keep her secrets and get to the Americas. She, and the other two women were "rescued" from their former lives and are being transported to America to be married to three respectable men in the Americas. Eve sees it as an opportunity not to be married but to find her long lost uncle. Hoping that he will protect her.

But Captain Nick won't allow the women to leave..They will be able to find respectable men right there on the island to marry...but not Eve. He wants Eve at his beck and call. But she won't be his mistress..no matter how far she falls under his spell...and into his bed.

I'm not always a big fan of historical romance but this one was a really good one. Nick was such a good guy who didn't think that he deserved to love or to be loved, but he couldn't stop the need with Eve.

Eve had secrets that she's afraid will come out and will ruin her..but she can's stop herself from falling in love with Nick. The chemistry was so good between the two of them. The secrets that they each have are so crippling to themselves but watching as they overcome them was really great. It left me happy to witness the "happily ever after" of the story!

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