Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dip & Devour by Mary Kate Kopec

Back Blurb:
      He knows better....
Hard working, crime busting,undercover FBI guy Jake Davidson has been burnt by love before. No way is he falling for a suspect, again! No matter how much Wham! she has.
       She's learned her lesson...
Over achieving, exhibit blazing, museum curator Kia Everet has played the love game and paid the price. No way is she falling for a co-worker's charms, again! No matter how delectably sexy he is.
        But chocolate covered temptation can be rough to resist...
If only Jake would stop fondling her hair, feeding her chocolate, devouring her with his Caribbean blue eyes, and leaving her stunned speechless with kisses that knock her summer sandals right off! If only Kia didn't keep hitting him with the firecracker wit, shoulder-baring nibble tempting sundresses, and legs that just won't stop. They've got it bad for each other, and they're ready to give in.  If only it weren't for a missing locket.
Jake's a chocolate charmer, and Kia's decadence in a sundress. Too bad she doesn't date the help, and worse that he's here to catch her in the act. But it won't be easy denying all that heat, chemistry, and desire. The food's too good. The timing's just right. and with a little loving push from a grandmother who's a miracle in the kitchen....          LOVE NEVER TASTED SO GOOD!
This book is chocolate covered mind candy. Sweet, mood altering goodness. A first person story from both points of view. Every other chapter is either Kia's side or Jake's side. A very interesting way to see how both perspectives are seen!  This story has both the highs and the lows...it had me smiling and tearing up!  When Kia is arrested and Jake is the one putting the handcuffs on her I felt so bad for Kia. Her world was crashing down around her and Jake wasn't doing much better. Caught in the middle between the feelings he had for Kia and doing what his boss was telling him to do. No amount of chocolate could help either one of them. Both of their hearts broken.
This was a YUMMY book and a really good romance!

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