Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What Chris Wants by Lori Foster

Happy New Year!! A week into it anyway! I'm sorry I have missed the past two Tuesdays..but unfortunately I have been busy..busy with family and life in general. The holidays throw me through loops. Too much food, family and things to accomplish in a very short time away from work.

Anyway...my first review of the New Year is  Lori Foster's much awaited story of Chris Chapey. The man who helps to run the business and lives of the Edge of Honor heroes/heroines. He does the behind the scenes digging and helping to run the business of stopping human traffickers...but it is all hush hush stuff ! Chris feels an obligation to keep his life private to protect the ones he loves and works.. Makes having a love life hard when you can't tell the one you are interested in what you actually do.
Enter Matt Houser...the ultra chic hairstylist who does more than turn Chris's head...he makes Chris want to have more. But not at the expense of his place of his friends/coworkers business.

I have looked forward to Chris getting his "happily ever after". The man behind the scenes in the Men who Walk the Edge of Honor series. It's about time for him to have the love he so deserved. I think Lori did a really good job of writing this...a beginning foray into the male/male love story.  It doesn't get down and dirty with the details of their sex life..it is a love story that everyone wanted to see happen. It was also great to see the others in this series..Dare and Molly, Trace and Priss, Jackson and Alani and of course Arizona and Spencer. I loved the whole series...and this story helps to put it all together.

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