Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Run the Risk by Lori Foster

Hi everyone...today is TUESDAY..so here is my review for today..
Run The Risk
by Lori Foster
Logan Stark makes Pepper Yates uncomfortable with his easy smiles and long stares. His mere presences makes her uncomfortable and not in a bad way either. He makes her want things she really shouldn't have...HIM. 
She is not as she seems. She  has been disguised as plain and mild Sue Meeks.
 Logan Stark is really Logan Riske, an undercover detective looking for Pepper's brother Rowdy Yates (the name reminds me of the very young Clint Eastwood in the TV western series RawHide)...which I saw in reruns...I'm not THAT old! :) 
Both brother and sister have been in hiding with information about Logan's best friend's murder. The only way Logan can get to Rowdy is through Pepper. That is why he is in the apartment next to hers. He doesn't know that Pepper isn't as mild as she appears.
Pepper/Sue makes Logan hot and the heat kicks up even more when the "real" Pepper comes out of hiding to help her brother.
I loved how Pepper sheds her old disguise in order to help Rowdy...willing to take on the danger to protect the only person who has ever had her back, and to rub it in Logan's face that he used her to get to Rowdy.
I knew this book would be filled with strong men who protect their women..even if their women are strong and  independent. It didn't disappoint!
 I have looked forward to this book since I closed the cover on Lori's last one. This story is the first one in Lori's new Love Undercover series. I now am eagerly awaiting the next book which is Reese's story and hopefully after that will be Rowdy's story. I'm sure I will enjoy each one as much as I did this one.