Monday, July 15, 2013

Ask Again Later by Liz Czukas

One prom. Two dates. A night to remember. Sliding Doors meets Pretty in Pink in this delightfully romantic paperback original.


1) Find the perfect dress. One-of-a-kind vintage from a consignment store? Yes, please.
2) Forget dates-go with a group of your best friends. No fuss, no drama.
3) HAVE FUN! Rock out on the dance floor. There's no Prince Charming to impress, after all!

Heart used to dream of prom as the chance to be a fairy princess at her own ball. But by her junior year, she's realized that the angsty, panic-inducing buildup is...a little overrated. So when her brilliant plan to go to prom with a group of friends is interrupted by two unexpected (and not precisely welcome) invites, Heart knows there's only one foolproof, drama-free solution: flip a coin.

The last thing Heart expects is that her simple coin flip will give her the chance to live out both dates. And where her prom night ends up might be the most surprising thing of all....

With the perfect blend of charming romance, effortless humor, and hilarious twists, debut author Liz Czukas delivers an irresistible story that will captivate fans of Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Barnholdt, and Stephanie Perkins. Readers will fall head-over-heels for Heart as she discovers that the nights that start out as disasters sometimes turn into the nights you'll never forget.
(From Edelweiss)

My Quick Thoughts:

This was such an engaging read, I consumed it in one afternoon! I just fell in love with the characters and the situations were sometimes hilarious, sometimes frustrating, sometimes sad - just like prom night should be! This is an author to watch and trust me, this was a fun book to read.

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