Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy Summer!

Happy Summer Everyone!  
I have been enjoying the wonderfully warm weather! We have air conditioning and a pool...what's not to love?
I also took the summer off from my job. I wanted the time to truly enjoy this summer. Time passes too quickly and I really needed the break. 
Anyway...all of this free time has given time to READ!!! 
I have read and read...and I still have a giant TBR pile.
Here are the keepers in my READ Pile..and I highly recommend them!!
Cora Cade is a new author who has the writing style of a seasoned pro. Her story is full of the things I love to read. Hunky men, strong women, attraction and hot steamy sex! It's also the first in a series and I know I will be waiting impatiently for the next story!
  I love Sofie Metropolis!! I love everything about her. Her moxie..her ability to find trouble without even trying and her knack for luring the hot and hunkies!!  This story is no different than the others in the series. It has the mystery and the fun of spending time with Sofie and her Greek relatives. The only thing that drives me crazy is that I have to wait for the next Sofie book!
Animal Attraction is a book from the RAGT held in Ohio in June. I was lucky enough to have a friend (thanks Shelly) grab me "paper" copy since I wasn't able to go this year. It has 4 of my favorite writers. Lori Foster, Heidi Betts, Maisey Yates and Jules Bennett. Their stories were heart warming and they were great reads! The money from this book purchase was donated to the Animal Adoption Foundation of Hamilton Ohio..a great organization for animals!
Next week I'll post a few more of the books that I have very much enjoyed!

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