Sunday, November 6, 2011

Remember Me by Christopher Pike

This is book one in a trilogy.

I've had this book for years and just never read it even though the premise intrigued me enough to buy it from a library resale fundraiser. Years later, I picked up Remember Me 2: The Return - probably from the same library - and it ended up in a stack of books next to my bed. I haven't touched this stack in quite some time. I kept looking at the books, but every time I did, I either had a migraine or the topics just didn't capture my fancy.

Finally, on October 31st of this year, this book caught my attention, and not just because of the topic, but because it dawned on me that I had the first book in the series. I figured that since they were considered horror/thrillers, they would feed my need for scare this year, so I went through my bookshelves and located Remember Me and started reading.

I'll admit, while this book didn't give me the horror or thrills I expected, the story itself wasn't bad. The fact that I went on to read book two (Remember Me 2: The Return) and am contemplating borrowing book 3 (Remember Me 3: The Last Story) from the library, is testament that I found these books enjoyable.

Horror/Thriller rating: 3/5 stars - in this sense, this trilogy just doesn't deliver.

Mystery rating: 5/5 stars - it's quite interesting to follow Shari as tries to uncover who killed her and why!

Paranormal rating: 4/5 stars - the main character is a ghost that has to learn how to be a ghost, and you can't get more paranormal than that!

Spiritual rating: 4/5 stars - you'll have to read the book to discover how it fits into this category! :)

Anyone looking for a spiritual paranormal mystery YA story will find this book a great read!

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