Sunday, November 6, 2011

Remember Me 2: The Return by Christopher Pike

This is book two in the Remember Me trilogy.

I found this to be a decent follow up to the first one. Despite it's dense format, I found it to be a page turner. While I didn't appreciate the organization of the story (alternated between the characters of Shari Cooper and Jean Rodrigues), I did enjoy watching the story unfold.

Again, this story is poorly categorized as Horror/Thriller, so please don't start reading these books expecting to find these elements because I believe you'll be disappointed.

Horror/Thriller rating: 2/5 stars - sure there's a twist you weren't expecting, but it just wasn't enough to call this a thriller or a horror novel

Mystery rating: 2/5 stars - while this was a strong element in book one, it's a weak element with this book.

Paranormal rating: 4/5 stars - again, the main character is a ghost

Spiritual rating: 5/5 stars - you'll just have to read the book to find the spiritual element! :)

Again, I felt this a decent read. The more I think about it, the more I feel this trilogy is a great way to help a teen coping with the loss of someone close to them or struggling with their own pain, and can be a great tool to open the lines of dialogue about life, death, souls and the afterlife. While these topics can be considered taboo, for the teen struggling with the death of someone they know or the worth of their own life, these topics need to be discussed to help them get through the problems and succeed in life. The author does a great job of covering these aspects without really bringing specific religion into it. Pike merely uses basic spiritual concepts which can be religious or not, it all depends on how broadly you consider each topic.

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