Friday, November 4, 2011

Under the Boardwalk by Carly Phillips

I've read a book or two by Carly before, and have interviewed her for Moonlight, Lace and Mayhem, so when I found this book as part of a library fundraiser, I had to buy it. However, I found myself romanced-out, so this book along with Brazen sat in a pile next to my bed for at least a year waiting to be read. As a reviewer, I receive many books to read, and I happen to have many books I haven't yet read. A couple of times, my husband made a crack about reading the books I already have before saying I'll review any more.

Well, this comment sat with probably because he said it more than once, and probably because after suffering with continuous migraines for almost a year - I still suffer them if I don't consume a certain amount of caffeine, and yes, I went caffeine free for that time - I found myself wanting to read the books that have been sitting there. Remembering Carly's talent for playful, realistic banter and really wanting to read a crime story, this story helped me accomplish all my goals in one:
1. read a book from my TBR mountain range
2. read a crime novel
3. read a Carly Phillips book :D

This book had plenty of laugh out loud moments! You know how things just seem funnier when you add a monkey? Well, Carly capitalized on that by adding Spank - that's right. This is the epitome of Carly's humor. How can you not laugh at Spank the monkey! - Hey! I can't help it if your mind wanders into the cutter! It's not my fault, I didn't name the monkey! The Costas family did.

Seriously, that's not all the Costas family has done, but I'm not telling! That would be cheating! *at this point, Spank just might lift up her dress and moon you, or blow raspberries at you. One never really knows what to expect from Spank!*

Oh, and Quinn isn't bad on the eyes either!

But Carly isn't all fun and games though. She can be downright serious, and the crime element is a great example of her talent. If you haven't read this book, I hope you will!

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